The Death Triangle – movie set


The Death Triangle is a Romanian film from 1999, directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, in which the battles waged by the Romanian army against the German occupiers in the First World War in the towns of Mărăști, Mărășești and Oituz are reconstructed. Ecaterina Teodoroiu (Ilinca Goia) is the only woman who participates in the battle. The film also features important characters such as General Alexandru Averescu (Sergiu Nicolaescu), King Ferdinand (Eusebiu Ștefănescu) and Queen Maria (Maia Morgenstern).

Filming took place in the summer of 1997. While filming at the Mihai Bravu shooting range, Nicolaescu received an address from Mircea Daneliuc, the general director of the Rofilm company, announcing that the filming would be interrupted. The next day, the management of the Buftea studio stopped the film crew from moving to the shooting range. Having a fixed deadline for completion, Nicolaescu went to Radu Gabrea, the president of the National Cinematography Center (C.N.C.) and presented him with the situation, but Gabrea asked him to give a written statement that he would complete the filming by the fixed deadline, otherwise he would is responsible with personal wealth for the amounts allocated by the CNC. Pressed for time, the director intervened in the Parliament and obtained the allocation from the state budget of a sum of money for the continuation of the filming. In addition, the National Bank of Romania and Bancorex provided sponsorships. Nicolaescu brought a film crew from the Republic of Moldova, with generator group, electricians, camera mechanics, seamstress and travlingists, with whom he continued and completed the filming.