South American trip (4) – Chile

Atacama Desert, Valley of Death (Valley of Mars) and ALMA Astronomical Telescop

The time spent in Chile, I divide it into 2 parts, one before Easter Island, the 2nd, after Easter Island. Although the eclipse event is placed in the first part of the Chile experience, I would say that the second part was much more attractive and much more beautiful in terms of landscape and nature.

Thus in the 2nd part of continental Chile we had the opportunity to see a giant stone hand in the middle of the desert, to see the monument of the tropics, take night pictures in the Moon Valley, a place with gems all over de ground, walk the sand dunes in the Valley of Death or the Valley of Mars, where I saw sand dunes surfing and an almost Martian landscape.

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In search for the perfect vacation pic

Photo Name: In search for the perfect vacation pic

Caption: I took this photo while visiting the Canary Islands with my friends. This was one of the many tries for my friend. I also pose for something similar. The cliff edge looked amazing on the photo but not that scary actually.

Properties: Nikon D5200 f/8 ISO-160 1/250 sec 45mm crop.

Date & Location: 2014 Jun 02, Canary Islands.

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