A Brocken spectre within glory rings

On August 13, 2016, in the Parâng mountains.. The name Glory refers to the saintly halo, the aura seen around the shadow cast by the sun’s rays against a background of clouds or fog, under certain specific and rare conditions.

Besides, the name spectrum comes from the projection of the shadow on that background. The Brocken Specter.. because near Brocken Peak in the Harz Mountains, Germany, it has been frequently observed due to weather conditions conducive to its formation.

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5x Parang Mountains and 2x Glory

I stayed in Parâng for 4 days in August. In short, I had the great chance to catch a rarer optical phenomenon – Gloria – two days in a row. We met blueberry pickers on the way but also the object of the activities we enjoyed during the climbing breaks. We bathed in Lake Mija, had a fire by the lake, played the tilinca, the drums and reached 5 peaks with landscapes that take your breath away.

I’ve written this before and although it’s obvious, I can’t help but comment again on the enormous difference between the state of mind affected by the polluted traffic in Bucharest and the one produced by the serenity of the moment of waking up in the tent, in the mountains. Especially if you leave Bucharest on Friday evening, whatever the destination. On this tour I drove a van for the first time and that distracted me from the crowds. The road to Petroșani looked gorgeous in the headlights, too bad we did it at night – but the asphalt is so smooth in places that I bet you could play billiards. And that is rare in Romania.

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Of the sun

Photo Name: Of the sun

Caption: I took this photo during a hiking in Parang, part of the Carpathian Mountains.

Properties: Iphone 5 f/2.4 ISO-50 1/678 sec 4mm auto.

Date & Location: 2016 August 14, Parang, Carpathian Mountains, Romania.

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Carpathian Landscapes – Parang Mountains

Photo Names: Carpathian Landscapes – Parang Mountains (photo set)

Caption: I took this photos while hiking in Parang Mountains. We were lucky enough to see an rare optical phenomenon cold Gloria.

Properties: see photo names.

Date & Location: 2018 Aug 14, Bucharest, Romania.

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