Barefoot in the wild, Vrancea Mountains with bears and Jacuzzi

I arrived in the mountains of Vrancea by a coincidence of life and discovered an extraordinarily beautiful, wild and clean area. I had a lot of firsts.

It crossed my mind to stay barefoot on the first day so I walked 15 km barefoot up the mountain with 12 kg on my back.

We saw free bears, deer and more deer.

We walked the volcanic paths, through the spruce forests and barefoot through the grass to the barn.

I slept in the pen in the tent, next to the sheep.

And I paid with my blood for it, the mosquito tribute.

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Carpathian landscapes – Ranca

Photo Name: Carpathian landscapes – Ranca – set of 2

Caption: I took these photos during the days of celebration between 2018 and 2019. We were a group of friends stayng an one of my friend’s lodges.

Properties: Iphone Auto.

Date & Location: 2019 March 16, Ranca, Romania.

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Photo stories – Winter serendipity

Photo Name: Photo stories – Winter serendipity (set of 2)

Caption: Couple of photos from some hiking tours with large groups – participating in the mountain guiding school with an NGO (ATGR). The group photo is near the roman ruins close to Calimanesti. The second photo, with the late Christmas tree, is near lodge Diham, middle Carpathians.

Properties: Iphone 5s auto.

Date & Location: 2018 Dec 15 / 2019 Ian 13, Carpathians, Romania.

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