Yellowstone Landscapes

Photo Names: Yellowstone Landscapes (photo set)

Caption: I took this photos during my trip to Yellowstone, in the context of the American Solar Eclipse from 2017.

Properties: n.a.

Date & Location: 2017 August 22, Yellowstone, US.

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Forest food

Caption: I took this photo while hiking through Teisori forest, near Bucharest. The leaves in the photo are Leurda, a plant similar to garlic in taste and smell. One can use it in their sandwich. Also it can be cooked.

Properties: Iphone 5 auto.

Date & Location: 2017 Mar 19, Teisori, Romania.

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Tree with hands

Photo Name: Tree with hands

Caption: I took this photo in the context of a hiking trip in the Ceahlau Mountains, Eastern Carpathians.

Properties: Nikon D5200 f/4.5 ISO-400 1/80 sec 22mm crop.

Date & Location: 2017 Feb 18, Ceahlau, Carpathians, Romania.

Alterations: tuning in Adobe Lightroom.

Photo tag: tree, nude, hands, meme, forest, Carpathians, mountains.