Danube Delta, a trip of relaxation

The Delta, in a guesthouse or in a tent, is perhaps one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Europe. You can find excellent accommodation conditions. We were near Murghiol, at the Egreta guesthouse. We had paid boat trips on the canals and at Sulina, where we visited, among other things, the grave of an alleged pirate. We ate excellent fish and related dishes. Bathing in the sea, bathing in the pool. We went by boat under the starry sky. On the way back, we visited the Enisala fortress and took a bath again, at Vadu.

Delta at the guesthouse is totally different from delta at the tent. And if you go to the guesthouse in the Delta, you have to relax, go accompanied by someone, eat fish to the carp – pun intended – and drink wine until your head hurts – so you have the energy to walk the next day. That’s what I did in the sea too – pun intended again, so soon..

I left Bucharest late, so I arrived in Murghiol in the evening, at night. The Bucharest-Murghiol road is very smooth, first a highway, then a 2-lane road like in the palm of your hand (most of it). Huge windmills complete the landscape of yellow fields and green hills. The landscape frame, the angles are so wide and fine that it seems you are not in Romania. I remember thinking on the way.. how accessible this beauty is and how close (relatively) it is to Bucharest. Why don’t we come more often? I confess something to you. This is the first time in the Delta in my adult life. Yes, there are certain destinations, which I knew were fascinating but to which the roads took me later, when I was ready to understand them properly, perhaps. For example, it’s better to go under the windmill and relieve yourself by looking up, than to do it in a bush full of garbage, looking down. Just kidding again 🙂

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Photo Names: Enisala (photo set)

Caption: I took this photos in the context of visiting the Danube Delta. I also visited Enisala, an old fortress in Dobrogea.

Properties: see photo names.

Date & Location: 2016 Aug 08, Dobrogea, Romania. Read more