Photo stories – Bulgarian climbing trip

Photo Name: Photo stories – Bulgarian climbing trip

Caption: Photo stories from the Bulgarian climbing trip organized by Vertical Spirit climbing gym. We visited also Veliko Tarnovo, again, which is still amazing. We camped 2 nights out of 3. Bulgaria is amazing for climbing.

Properties: Iphone 5s auto.

Date & Location: 2019 Apr 13, Asparuhovo, Bulgaria.

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West Coast of Canada and Vancouver Island

At the beginning of June 2018 I went to Canada to see the most interesting kind of place, where the ocean meets the mountains. The West Coast of Canada confirmed everything I imagined about such a place. It is the ideal place to live, surrounded by majestic landscapes, the freshness of the great mountain ranges combined with the ocean breeze. The ocean, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the wildlife and the freedom of man – that’s what the Canadian West Coast means to me.

Of all, Vancouver Island is the most precious, it has all this without being affected by major urban developments, and this on an area about the size of a small European country.

Being from Europe, In Canada it had that feeling of Terra Nova, at least on the west coast where I was.

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Penteleu mountains, the berry district

I finally found the right time and the best place to catch up on lost sleep…

I spent two days, Saturday and Sunday, in the mountains of Buzăului, towards the end of August. On the first day I climbed through the forest with rocks, at night I camped at the bivouac in the forest, sat by the fire and meditated in the dark and on Sunday I woke up with a clear head and climbed the Penteleu peak – small but difficult. On the way I ate a lot of berries. That in a nutshell.

I like the effort in nature no matter how difficult the climb. The worse the conditions the better, you feel alive. However, I hate waking up early on the weekend after a whole week racking your brains over financial data at the office. And what I don’t like about weekend outings is the road to and from the mountain, leaving Bucharest and coming back. You sit for hours in the same position you used to sit at your desk only you are so close to escape..

But that was me on Saturday morning. Luckily I had packed the night before. This thing also has disadvantages. With so much time at my disposal, I packed a lot of things that I didn’t need: the DSLR camera that I didn’t take out even once during this shift, solar panel, a hammock made to be transported by car I think, because it had two large rather heavy wooden sticks, metal spoon. I thus reached about 19 kg in a 60+ liter backpack. Very much for a 2 day outing in the summer!!. But I said not to get used to the Mont Blanc luggage..

An incursion into the wilderness of the Buzău mountains, where we can go with minimal luggage, sleep in a super wild place, with improvised shelters, regardless of the weather conditions… That’s what Ioan Stoenică promised us – an exceptional person, our guide in this tour – see guides page.. ticked ticked ticked except for the baggage minimum and the weather conditions turned out to be perfect..

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Stories from Western Carpathians

Photo Name: Plastic Shepherd

Caption: I took this photo while in the context of camping and hiking in Parang Mountains, Western Carpathians.

Properties: Nikon D5200 f/8 ISO-100 1/250 sec 29mm crop.

Date & Location: 2016 Aug 15, Parang, Carpathian Mountains, Romania.

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