City landscapes – Bucharest

Photo Name: City landscapes – Bucharest (set of 2)

Caption: First photo is with Lake Herastrau and sunset and the other photo is an office view with the moon over the History museum in Bucharest.

Properties: Iphone 5 auto

Date & Location: 1st photo – 2018 Jun 21, Herastrau Park, Bucharest, Romania; 2nd photo – 2018 Jan 30, Old City Center, Bucharest, Romania.

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Spinning around

Photo Name: Spinning around

Caption: Took this photo of a Romanian traditional whirligig with a Japanese girl in the background.

Properties: Nikon D5200 f/5.6 ISO-6400 1/13 sec 55mm crop.

Date & Location: 2017 Dec 11, Bucharest, Romania.

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Mother and baby

Photo Name: Mother and baby

Properties: Nikon D5200 f/1.4 ISO-640 1/160 sec 85mm crop.

Date & Location: 2018 April 22, Bucharest, Romania.

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Mirror observer

Photo Name: Mirror observer

Caption: I took this photo while driving through Unirii Plaza in Bucharest.

Properties: Iphone 5 Auto.

Date & Location: 2016 Sep 19, Bucharest, Romania.

Alterations: no edit.

Photo tag: street people, disadvantaged, Bucharest, poverty.

Bird circle around the sun

Photo Name: Bird circle around the sun

Caption: I took this photo while walking near a lake in Bucharest (Lacul Morii). The optical illusion is that birds seemed to circle around the sun.

Properties: Apple Iphone5, f/2.4, ISO50 1/2584 sec, 4mm, auto.

Date & Location: 2015 Mar 08, Bucharest, Romania.

Alterations: basic tuning.

Photo tag: birds, park, circle, sun, Bucharest.

City lake sunset

Photo Name: City lake sunset (set of 2)

Caption: I took this photo while walking to a deserted communist area on Lacul Morii – a lake in Bucharest.

Properties: Iphone 5 auto.

Date & Location: 2014 Aug 17, Bucharest, Romania.

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