Sailing from Balcik

Photo Name: Sailing from Balcik

Caption: I took these photos and video while sailing back from Balcik, Bulgaria to Limanu, Romania in what it was a weekend sail. The photos are not edited and the sunset was fascinanting.

Properties: Iphone 5s, auto.

Date & Location: 2018 Oct 07, Black Sea.

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San Francisco

Photo Names: American Landscapes – San Francisco (photo set)

Caption: I took this photos the context of the American Solar Eclipse tour from 2017. First photo is a night photo with Golden Gate Bridge (Nikon D5200, f/14, ISO250, 30 sec, 22mm, crop). The second photo is with Oakland Bay Bridge. The third photo is with sailboat in the anchored in the San Francisco Bay area.

Properties: see photo names.

Date & Location: 2017 September 03, San Francisco, California, US.

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