A Brocken spectre within glory rings

On August 13, 2016, in the Parâng mountains.. The name Glory refers to the saintly halo, the aura seen around the shadow cast by the sun’s rays against a background of clouds or fog, under certain specific and rare conditions.

Besides, the name spectrum comes from the projection of the shadow on that background. The Brocken Specter.. because near Brocken Peak in the Harz Mountains, Germany, it has been frequently observed due to weather conditions conducive to its formation.

Fenomenul Gloria in Parang

Rare conditions refer to the refraction and scattering of light when the sun, located behind the observer, casts its shadow on a cloud or fog lower than its position, and that cloud consists of water droplets with a diameter of in a well specified interval.

Gloria in Parang 2

This phenomenon can also be found in literature under the name of Ulloa’s Circle, after the name of the Spaniard Antonio de Ulloa y de Torre-Giral, a navigator, explorer and astronomer of the century. the eighteenth.

The name Ulloa’s Circle is sometimes used, incorrectly, to refer to another optical phenomenon that occurs in foggy conditions, known as the fogbow (i.e. the rainbow produced in foggy conditions, colored less intensely than the appears after the rain) or white rainbow (i.e. the white rainbow – a misty rainbow with colors so faintly outlined that they can no longer be distinguished by the eye of the human observer).

Interestingly, during that weekend in the Parâng mountains – August 12 – 15, described in more detail in the other post, I observed the phenomenon on two consecutive days.

Once on the way back from the Parâng peak, the next day immediately on the descent from the Mohor peak, towards Transalpina.