South American trip (8) – Peru – Cusco and Machu Picchu

There is much to tell about Machu Picchu. Although the ruins are indeed breathtaking, fascinating, the experience itself is strongly touristic. To take the bus to the site, you have to stand in a huge queue, which nevertheless moves quickly. Once at the site, you have to struggle to find a window without other tourists behind you, the area being extremely crowded even in the early hours of the morning.

They are two different aspects, yes the ruins are extraordinary and there is nothing inferior to the pictures, but the tourist experience is one of a dozen.

As I wrote before, some people have a projection very different from the historical truth about South American civilizations, including the Inca. Some yes, they are shrouded in strong mystery, being very old, as we later found out in Caral. But Inca is neither old nor lost nor so mysterious. Not to be confused with the Maya, the Olmecs or the Caral culture. The history of the Inca is quite well known, the Inca being the name of those who conquered this area, subjugating the tribes in the area to be conquered by the Spanish conquistadors who took advantage of the differences and dissensions between the populations of the new empire.

All I can say about Machu Picchu is that it is impressive. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

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South American trip (7) – Bolivia

La Paz, Tiwanaku and Titicaca Lake

As a country, Bolivia was the most authentic and interesting part of the South American trip. It is a poor country, cheap but without tourist traps. The most interesting experiences were the witch market in La Paz and the fascinating Tiwanaku. Lake Titicaca is included in this article, although it is on the border with Peru.

I know I’ve probably used the words fascinating, extraordinary, magnificent, galactic a lot. But this trip was full of highlights.

Located 72 km (44 miles) west of La Paz, near the southeastern shore of Lake Titicaca, lie the ruins of one of the oldest and largest urban cities ever built.

The ancient buildings and ruins (pre-Columbian, pre-Inca) show you the obsession of the people of that time for geometric perfection. Tiwanaku. 

But first, we got to cross to Bolivia and stop on the way, we got to visit Titicaca and the amazing universe of the Uros natives. We visited the witch market of La Paz. Solar de Uyuni is described in another separate post.

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Veliko Tarnovo

Photo Name: Veliko Tarnovo – set of 2

Caption: Photo stories from the Bulgarian trip that included hiking on Musala summit. Interesting and cool cats, great food, impressive mountains and a lot of care for the historical monuments. We visited also Veliko Tarnovo which is amazing.

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Date & Location: 2019 Apr 05, Veliko Tarnovo & Borovets, Bulgaria, history, medieval.

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Transylvanian insights

Photo Name: Transylvanian insights – set of 2

Caption: I took these photos while in a minitour in Trasylvania where I visited, together with ATGR training group, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Hunedoara, Salina Turda, Densus, Geoagiu Bai, Cascada Clocota, Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, Targu Jiu. The photos selected are only with Salina Turda (Turda salt mine) and a view of a tower from the Hunedoara Castle, Hunyadi, Corvin Castle).

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Date & Location: 2019 March 16, Transylvania.

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Carpathian landscapes – Ranca

Photo Name: Carpathian landscapes – Ranca – set of 2

Caption: I took these photos during the days of celebration between 2018 and 2019. We were a group of friends stayng an one of my friend’s lodges.

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Date & Location: 2019 March 16, Ranca, Romania.

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