Carpathian Landscapes – Leaota

Photo Name: Carpathian Landscapes – Leaota

Caption: I took this photo while on a hike in the Carpathian Mountains. We were in Leaota region and spent the night in a shepherd’s facility that is unused in winter time.

Properties: Iphone 5 auto.

Date & Location: 2016 Feb 14, Leaota, Carpathian Mountains, Romania

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Comana Star Party 1

Photo Name: Comana Star Party 1

Caption: This photo was taken during a star party organized by the Bucharest Astroclub.

Properties: Nikon D5200 f/5.3 ISO-1600 20sec 46mm crop.

Date & Location: 2016 Feb 02, Comana, Romania.


Alterations: no edit.

Photo tag: star party, Astroclubul Bucuresti, Bucharest astroclub, night sky.

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