Bronze metal waste from WW1 – metal detection near Râșnov

On the weekend of September 16 – 18, near Râșnov, the national meeting of detectorists took place, that of the Pro Detection association. On Saturday we went to look for relics from the first world war. Although it is the first article in this category, much remains to be said – nature and the search for history.

Being, as I said, the first post in this category, I think I’ll outline the main ideas of metal detecting. I’ll talk about my reasons but I assume many other detection enthusiasts have the same ideas.

Metal detecting is a way to enjoy nature, forests, mountains while having a clear purpose. It’s similar to fishing – the phase where you catch the fish, kiss it in the mouth and throw it back into the water. I, for example, am not interested in keeping what I find in the ground, but rather I am interested in the process itself. When climbing mountains – go up, go down, go up again, go down for what? Well, for landscapes and maybe for pictures, maybe to learn something or maybe to get drunk on something. But there seems to be a lack of purpose, an objective. With this detection you have an excuse to hunt something you like while enjoying being in nature. And you hunt metals better than animals.

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Drums, bonfire, yoga and dance at Răzvad

I signed up for the first time in an event focused around yoga out of a desire for relaxation and reflection, after the expeditions to Mont Blanc and other mountains in Romania (14 tours in spring – summer). The fact that the fascinating artist Petra Acker was present at the event also mattered a lot. Basically, I did a little yoga but learned to play the drums, sat by the fire in the evening, ate super healthy and light and danced like children – improvisational dance.

I arrived at Răzvad – no, not Răzvan, I spelled it right – on Friday evening, September 2, 2016, late, after the week-long rush from work. Being a weekend and vacation traveler, work still takes up most of my time. I arrived at Răzvad not knowing what to expect from the event. From the calm voice giving me directions on the phone – the exact location did not appear on waze – I understood, however, that it would be about relaxation.

Răzvad is a village near Târgoviște, it is in the countryside. We were hosted in a household, but we stayed in a tent in the orchard, next to the donkey Ava, who also appears in the pictures. Donkey with a lot of personality. It was like he was one of the musicians from Bremen.

Saturday morning I went to a yoga session for the first time in my life. Very interesting, relaxing but at the same time you do some stretching and use your muscles quite well. Next came the inevitable berry smoothie. Besides, I ate vegetarian all weekend.. and what a beneficial effect to do that from time to time – but I couldn’t do it permanently.

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